X-Bionic apparel
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X-BIONIC is a Swiss company located in Wollerau in the canton of Schwyz. The company started its activity in the year 2000. In only 16 years the company has won more than 590 international awards and has over 200 patented technology for innovative & performance fabrics.

X-Bionic_Recovery_Socks“We started off by creating a revolutionary functional sock, followed by an innovative jacket. Similar to evolution, the development was continually perfected. Our patents were beginning to pile up as time went on. And our long­standing beliefs about functional apparel were thrown out due to being outdated myths. In the place of bulky socks came ones that were anatomically shaped and multifunctional that maintained the barefoot climate found in nature.”

You can see below some X-BIONIC fabric and innovative technology that enhances performance gives you endurance and makes you simply superior.

– 3D-­BIONICSPHERE® SYSTEM, The patented 3D-BionicSphere® System retains important resources to keep you performing better. Less energy is expended in regulating body heat, leaving you with more energy for training.

– 37 °CCR-TECHNOLOGY™, The 37 °CCR Technology™ developed by X- Technology supports the body in its effort to maintain the core body temperature at a point where we feel quite comfortable using precisely controlled heat dissipation without the risk of chilling.

x-bionic-running– 6-DIMENSIONAL ELASTICITY, For extraordinary freedom of movement in any situation. Guarantees 360-degree movement. In particular, when the arms are used a lot, comfort is ensured by unrestricted movement.

– ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR, The Achilles Tendon Protector is made of a highly abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbing material; it protects the Achilles tendon from pressure points and friction from the top of the shoe.

– AIRCONDITIONING CHANNEL®, The AirConditioning Channel® is a ventilation system of channels that wrap around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation. Physiological studies have shown that e.g. the chest area is an optimal zone for quick and effective venting and cooling. Exchanging fresh air over a system of channels cools the chest area without spreading a “cold” sensation throughout the body. The constant air movement along the AirConditioning Channel® also effectively draws moisture away from the sweat zones.

– AIRCONDITIONINGSPOT, The back of the knee perspires quickly and heavily. To process this sweat, a finely knit mesh allows moisture to pass through but does not impair knee motion. Sweat evaporates and is pushed outward with the help of body warmth. The risk of over-cooling does not exist in this small area.

– ASYMMETRIC COMPRESSION, The Effektor™ Technologie administers precisely measured stimuli with specifically placed compression zones of varying intensities. Muscle balance, which enables efficient application of power, is recreated. Effektor™ Technologie simultaneously guides the arm movement, reduces muscle vibration and, thus, allows optimal power transmission and precision. It also prevents the early onset of fatigue.

– CLIMASPHERE SYSTEM, The ClimaSphere System on the back ventilates effectively and allows moisture to dissipate away from the skin. Simultaneously the wavelike structure stores warm air to be used as an insulating barrier.

– SYSTEMGEAR, Until now athletes needed a broad assortment of varying technical pieces to adapt optimally to different environmental conditions. The patented X‑BIONIC® SystemGear revolutionizes this basic concept. Every X‑BIONIC® component on its own already can be used in a much broader spectrum of conditions than traditional functional apparel. Be it cold or hot, it supports the optimal body core temperature of 37 °C with intelligent, highly efficient moisture management. That’s why there are decisive advantages to X‑BIONIC® SystemGear: a highly efficient, interactive layering system that with only a few components can create the perfect moisture management. With it, athletes of all types who do all kinds of sports in all sorts of conditions are outfitted and ready. They can make decisions easier about which is the correct piece of apparel to use than ever before, and they enjoy the security of knowing they will achieve their true performance ability.

– SKIN NODOR, is a climate-activated nano-filament which incorporates an inorganic, bacteriostatic ingredient in its interior. The gradual release of ions, which are activated by body heat, is the key to the effectiveness of Skin NODOR®. These ions inhibit the growth of microorganisms rather than eliminating them outright, thus preserving the delicate balance of the skin‘s ecosystem. In other words, Skin NODOR® is bacteriostatic (i.e. it inhibits bacterial growth), rather than bactericidal (bacteria-killing). Therefore, allergic reactions do not occur. Skin NODOR® is especially soft and breathable and provides superior fit.

– SYMBIONIC® MEMBRANE, The unique, windproof symbionic® membrane is based on bionic research in connection with the skin breathing of amphibians. Symbionic® is a closed membrane that has no pores that can become obstructed. Droplets of perspiration are distributed thoroughly along the interior side and drawn into the membrane, which has a structure that can process and whisk outwards a lot of moisture. That works with water vapor plus droplets of perspiration.

– AIRCOOL STRIPES, You become more active as the day goes on. To control foot odor, X­-SOCKS® has developed Skin NODOR®, a yarn which inhibits odor and the growth of bacteria. Integrated into Skin NODOR® material is AirCool Stripes™. These high­tech functional fibers cool and ventilate feet under the sole and provide comfort even during the hottest days of summer.

– ABRASION-RESISTANT MATERIAL, Reinforced material on the shoulders protect the jacket, for example, when you wear a backpack.


You can buy X-BIONIC apparel directly from X-BIONIC website.

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