What should a meal contain ?
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Basic rules and tips to take into consideration when you choose the content of your meal.


Is the first meal of the day and is good to contain minimum 400 Calories for an adult if you have a meal plan with 1400 Calories or more.
It is indicated to include in your breakfast some healthy fats like avocado, salmon or peanut butter.
Add minimum 10 grams of fibers to help you avoid constipation
Add eggs for your morning meal as often as possible, at least 3 times per week, they are full of proteins and vitamins
Avoid as much as possible unhealthy carbs like those from croissants, muffins and other similar bakery products
Try to add, time to time, to your breakfast yogurt, cheese, and nuts
If you like oranges or grapefruits chose to eat the whole fruit instant of juice, they are a good source of fibers.


The big problem with the lunch is that we eat it during the job and because we are in rush we tend to choose unhealthy options.
The lunch should contain also a minimum 400 calories for most of the people.
Avoid fast food and carbonated soft drink
Include minimum one fruit or some vegetables
If you don’t use to eat a salad for lunch then try to choose something that contains lean meat (turkey, chicken, beef or fish), vegetables and healthy carbohydrates like brown rice, mashed potatoes …


It is the last meal of the day and most of the time it will influence also the way you will sleep so would be good to choose wisely what you eat, try to not eat in rush at least this meal.
Try to avoid ailments which have a digestion time longer than 1.5 – 2.5 hours especially if you eat the dinner shortly before bedtime
It’s very good to include low-fat meat in your dinner but is also recommended that at least once a week to have a dinner without any meat.
Avoid fruits that ferment
They say is good to eat until you’re 80 percent full and if you respect this advice at least for the dinner you will see the results not only in weight but also in the bedroom activity and sleep quality.


It doesn’t matter how many calories has your meal plan, if a snack is over 250 Cal then you can call it meal
If you’re looking for an energy bust, try to choose proteins instead of high-sugar options
Try to always have with you a packet with a healthy snack, nuts, dry fruits, a banana or other similar option
It is a good idea to include fibers and/or yogurt as snack
If you are on a diet choose snacks less dense caloric for a fullness sensation


This is one thing where you have to focus your attention if you are on a diet
Choose sweet fruits or smoothies instead of sugary desserts.
If you always crave sweets it is possible to be a sign you don’t eat enough proteins.
Is ok to have dessert daily but limit the portion size.
Try to have desserts made without sugar and flour.

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