What abs workouts to chose?
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When we talk about the abdomen, what we most often think about is the 6 pack muscle called “Rectus Abdominis”.

What is important to know is that he is not alone, but works together with three other large muscle groups (internal abdominal oblique, external abdominal oblique and transverse abdominis), forming a “canvas” that acts in all four directions (horizontal, vertical and two diagonals). So, the “abdomen”, or rather the muscles in the abdominal area, are also responsible for lateral flexion.

Anyway, the main role of this muscle group is to provide resistance to the movement – To transmit the force between the upper and the lower part of the body without bending. Knowing his main purpose gives us the clue about its most correct and effective training.

plankIt may seem hard to imagine, but abdomen and crunch are not as good as you think. In fact, they do more harm than good for most people, especially for those who spend their day in the office chair or in the car. The best exercises for the abdomen are those that oppose the movement!

The good news is that anti-movement exercises, like the plank, do not affect your back like the abdomens and crunches and they help you prevent back pain and injuries and, last but not least, you develop the attractive shapes you are wishing.

You can find a wide variety of anti-movement exercises like planks, ab wheel rollout, wood chops and many others.

So, which are the best abs workouts? In order to answer this question, you first need to know exactly what you want.
– If you want to prepare yourself for a bodybuilding contest, it would probably be wiser to risk a little wear on the intervertebral discs and you will also do exercises like weight-based crunching according to classic bodybuilding parameters.
– If you want to increase the resistance of your core muscles and burn very little fat during this time then you could do a program like “X minutes for the abdomen.”
– If you want to have a visible 6 pack, you have to leave abdominal exercises on the second or third place and to focus on nutrition and specific fat loss exercises: HIIT, metabolic, running (sprinting is also a very good idea)
– If you have below 11-12% of body fat but you don’t have enough muscle to see the squares, you can alternately do one exercise after each workout. Targets for 3 series of 6-15 repetitions with breaks below 90 seconds and increases the intensity each time, not the number of repetitions.

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