Snacks with under 100 Calories
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There are a few options of a true snack with under 100 calories.

Fruits under 100 calories:
Within 100 calories you can have a fruit a portion from most of the fruits
– 1 medium banana, apple, pear, orange or many others similar fruits, most of them have under 100 calories per fruit or somewhere around 100 calories.
– You can eat about one cup of berries.
– 1/2 oz of nuts have also about 100 calories.
– one cup fresh orange or grapefruit juice

Dairy products under 100 calories:
– One 6 oz container of low-fat Greek yogurt
– 5 oz of low-fat cottage cheese has about 100 calories also

Other snacks under 100 calories:
– 6 Celery sticks with 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter
– a salad from tomatoes and cucumbers but without oil