Top 5 exercises that burn the most calories
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If you are on a muscle definition period or you are just trying to lose some pounds, this 5 exercises that burn the calories will help you achieve your goal easier.

sprinting1. Sprinting
Definitely, sprinting is the exercise which burns the most calories per minute. Sprinting burns a massive amount of calories, but it can only be kept up for a certain amount of time, usually a maximum 45-60 sec.
Sprinting for one minute can burn up to 80 calories this means for a full hour of sprinting you will burn about 4800 kcal. (of course, it is impossible to sprint for a full hour, but in a 30 sprint interval workout you can burn easily 800 calories) *

2. Swimming sprints
For a person of 150-160 pounds, 30 minutes of breaststroke swimming will burn about 375 calories. If your goal is to burn more, then you should try swimming sprints which will burn in a 30 workout over 600 calories. *

3. HIIT Training
For the HIIT training, the number of calories burned during a 30 min workout varies depending on several factors like intensity, exercises made, body weight and other.
You can consider as an average value for a good HIIT training a number of 450 calories burned for each 30 minute. *

4. Rock Climbing
Except the fact that climbing can be extremely fun, full of adrenaline and challenging, this activity can also help you burn about 400 calories in 30 minutes if you keep a good pace or on a really challenging route. *

5. Cycling
Cycling is very fun and you are burning each 30 minute about 350 calories. If you incorporate more hills into your workout you can burn more than 350 calories for 30 minutes of cycling. *

* The calories consumption values mentioned above can vary from person to person based on age, weight, metabolism and level of physical activity, among other things.

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