Top 5 Best Fitness apps
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jawbone up appNo. 1 – Up by Jawbone (available & free for Android and IOS)
Jawbone’s Up is our favorite fitness app, regardless of whether or not you are using a Jawbone fitness tracker. The Jawbone’s Up fitness app connects with your tracker or your smartphone’s built-in sensors and help you track and interpret a variety of metrics such as steps taken, calories burned and activity intensity. You can use the app to track your sleep and also calories intake (manual entry of food and drink you are tracking).


fitbit appNo. 2 – Fitbit (available & free for Android and IOS)
Fitbit app was designed to work with the Fitbit wearable, but it’s also a very nice standalone fitness tracker app. In addition to syncing with Fitbit’s line of exercise trackers, the app can also use your smartphone’s sensors as a pedometer to record your steps taken daily, use GPS to track walking and running routes. The app also includes a food log for tracking nutrition and calories intake, with a barcode scanner or a caloric estimator. Social features such as leaderboards and challenges round out the features.




fitstar appNo. 3 – FitStar (available & free for Android and IOS)
FitStar works as your digital training coach, adapting its exercise routines to match your physical capability, carefully calibrating workouts to be challenging without being too difficult. Users can configure their ideal exercise duration and workout goals, and the app will whip up a workout session for you. Once done, you can rate the difficulty of the workout, allowing the app to slowly learn and adapt to your workout capacity, challenging you without breaking your body.


Strava appNo. 4 – Strava Running & Cycling (available & free for Android and IOS)
Strava is probably the best running and cycling tracker. Strava can record your running speed, distance traveled, time and course taken, but also combines it with leader boards, achievements and challenges. The app is compatible with a variety of trackers, in addition to Android Wear and Apple Watch. A premium subscription adds some extra benefits like filtered leader boards, exercise goals, more detailed analytics and others.


JEFIT appNo. 5 – JeFit (available & free for Android and IOS)
JeFit app is one of the best apps for those interested in strength training and bodybuilding. JeFit app is loaded with an exercise database of thousands of routines sorted by targeted body part, the apps come with detailed instructions, a workout planner, exercise log, progress tracker, numerous timers and options and synchronization with your JeFit profile. Premium version offers additional features and removes advertising.

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