Over 500 Calories lunch meals with high protein content
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If you have a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a lunch with over 500 Calories is used mostly in meal plans with more than 2000 Calories per day.
You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator.

Over 500 Cal Beef steak with sauteed vegetables

Lean beef steak1 medium514
Sautéed vegetables
- Mushrooms3/4 cup50
- Onion1/4 cup20
- Peppers1/4 cup12
- Olive oil1/2 tbsp60
Whole-wheat bread1 slice70
This meal contains approx. 80 grams of proteins and is a very good choice mainly after muscle gain workouts.

Over 500 Cal Beef steak with vegetables and rice

Lean beef steak1 small386
Brown rice1 cup220
Mixed vegetables1 cup70
This meal contains approx. 60 grams of proteins and it fits very well both in muscle definition and muscle gaining meal plans.

Over 500 Cal Grilled chicken breast with rice and vegetables

Chicken breast, grilled1 doube (8 oz)250
Brown rice1 cup220
Mixed vegetables1 cup70
Whole Wheat bread1 slice70
With 65 grams of proteins and only 9 of fats this meal can be easily integrated into your meal plan.

Over 500 Cal Salmon with vegetables

Salmon file7-8 oz285
Brown rice1/2 cup110
Sautéed vegetables
-- Mushrooms3/4 cup50
-- Onion1/4 cup20
-- Peppers1/4 cup12
-- Olive oil1 tbsp120
This meal contains only about 50 grams of proteins but it is a good idea to add into your meal plan for healthy fats and vitamins & mineral content.

Over 500 Cal Pork chop with vegetables

Pork boneless chop, lean1 piece (7-8 oz)210
Mashed potatoes1 cup230
Pickles, cucumbers1/2 cup10
Whole wheat bread1 slice70
Grapefruit Juice, fresh1 cup96
This meal contains 50-55 grams of proteins.

Cal 500 Cal Beefburger

- Beef burger1 piece340
- Whole-wheat bun1 piece120
- Tomato3 slices10
- Romaine leaf2
- Onion rings2 pieces3
Fresh orange juice1 cup120
Fast food is definitely not the best choice for a meal plan but if you have no other choice at least choose something like this meal which contains about 50-60 grams of proteins and not too many fats and carbohydrates. If you include also fries to this menu the number of calories will increase with about 300 calories.

Over 500 Cal Chicken burrito

-- Chicken breast, diced5 oz165
-- Cooked ham, diced2 slices50
-- Avocado, sliced1/2 medium130
-- Cream Cheese2 tbsp80
-- Whole wheat tortillas 10 inch1 tortilla140
Even it has only about 50 calories it is a good solution for the days when you don’t have enough time for a proper meal.

Over 500 Cal Turkey sandwich

Turkey sandwich
-- Whole-grain bread2 slices140
-- Turkey-breast roast4 oz150
-- Low-fat Cheddar cheese2 slices100
-- Lettuce1 cup7
-- Tomatoes slices3 pices10
Fresh Orange juice1 cup120
Dark chocolate, 70-85% cocoa 4 squares80
This lunch option contains 55-60 grams of proteins. You can replace turkey meat with chicken breast.