Most common mistakes in fitness
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Fitness mistakesYou started to train but you don’t progress as you wish and you do not know what the cause is? Most people make one of the following 5 common mistakes.

1. Proper nutrition – You are focused 100% on your training program and forget about eating properly. Regardless of the objective and the workouts, you should keep in mind that proper meal plan is often more important than training.

2. Objectives & Planning – It is almost impossible to perform unless you clearly set objectives and a program to reach these goals. The objectives have to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). Don’t set unrealistic objectives like gaining 50 pounds of muscle in a month 🙂

3. Routine – Except the fact that routine can lead to motivation loss, it will also take you to a point where the results of your workouts will be smaller and smaller. Change your workout programs as often you can.

4. Confort zone – Keep in mind that whether you’re running, lifting weights or doing any other kind of training, the moment you start making progress is the moment when the comfort zone ends.

5. Overtraining – We all want to get the desired results as quickly as possible but excessive training is not a solution mainly due to the fact that it can lead to serious injuries that keep you away from training for long periods of time. Overtraining won’t help you either if you are trying to build muscle.

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