Gym vs. Home
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Do you want to start training and is difficult to decide where to do it? The answer to this question is simple and is dependingĀ on what you want to get out of these training.

Pros & Cons of Home training:
home trainingPros:
– You save money
– Time-saving (time you would have lost n the way to the gym and back)
– Discretion
– The ability to train at any time you want
– Exercises variety you can do at home is limited
– Very hard to work all muscles
– No trainer to ask an advice if needed
– Higher risk of injuries if you do not make an exercise properly
– Lower motivation
– Difficult to have weights lifting workouts
– You will be tempted to take too long breaks to do other related activities (tv, net, phone etc.)

It will be almost impossible to train at home if your goal is to be a bodybuilder.

Pros & Cons of Gym training
gym trainingPros:
– Very large variety of exercises
– The ability to use heavy weights
– Easier to stay motivated
– You find people interested in a healthy lifestyle
– Your training can be assisted by an authorized instructor
– Possibility to benefit from jacuzzi, massage, sauna, …
– Much easier to have a training schedule
– You have to pay a subscription
– Lost time in traffic (it is recommended to choose a gym as close as possible to your house or job)
– Lack of clean air (in some gyms)
– Lack of privacy
– Can be very crowded

If you have a gym close enough to your house or job and if paying the monthly fee is not a problem we recommend to chose the gym over the house workouts. However, if you spend most of the time at the gym on the treadmill then we recommend choosing a nice park close to your home.

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