400 – 500 Calories lunch meals without dairy products
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These lunches are ideal if you don’t like or if you try to avoid dairy products. If you have a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a lunch with 400 – 500 Calories is used mostly in meal plans with 1600-2200 Calories per day.
It is not recommended to have a gap bigger than 500 Calories between your intake and your daily calorie consumption. You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator.

400-500 Cal Beef steak with sauteed vegetables

Beef steak5 oz240
Sautéed vegetables
- Mushrooms3/4 cup50
- Onion1/4 cup20
- Peppers1/4 cup12
- Olive oil1 tbsp120

400-500 Grilled chicken with rice and vegetables

Chicken breast, grilled1/2 small164
Brown rice1 cup220
Mixed vegetables1 cup70
Whole Wheat pita bread1/2 medium62
This meal has a low content of fats and high proteins & carbohydrates content. Instead of rice, you can have a big baked potato.

400-500 Cal Pork ribs with mashed potatoes

Pork back ribs4 oz230
Mashed potatoes1/2 cup130
Pickles, cucumbers1 cup17
Whole wheat bread1 slice70
This is an example of pork meal with potatoes which can be included even in weight loss meal plan if you select a lean pork meat.

400-500 Salmon file with potatoes

Salmon file7-8 oz285
Boiled potatoes1 cup130
Mixed fresh vegetables1 cup70
This meal has a very low content of carbohydrates and is full of healthy fats and Omega 3. You can choose any other fish but the content of Omega 3 will be lower.

400-500 Cal Roasted chicken and tomato soup

Tomato soup1 cup160
Whole-grain bread1 slice70
Roasted chicken breast1/2 small164
Cooked vegetables1 cup40
Due to the very low content of fats and carbohydrates this meal fits very good in a diet. You can also use turkey instead of chicken.