400 – 500 Calories breakfast meals without dairy products
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These breakfast meals are ideal if you don’t like dairy products or if you try to remove lactose from your diet. If you go for a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a 400-500 Calories breakfast will fit in a meal plan with over 1600 Calories per day.
You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator

400-500 Cal Avocado toast with eggs

Avocado toast with eggs
-- whole grain bread, toasted2 slices140
-- eggs2 large140
-- Avocado, mashed1/2 medium130
-- Olive oil1/4 tbsp30
This meal is full of proteins, fibers and healthy fats.

400-500 Cal Fried eggs with bacon

Fried eggs with bacon
-- Eggs2 large140
-- Bacon3 slices120
-- Olive oil1/2 tablespoon60
Whole grain bread1 slice70
Banana1 small90

400-500 Cal Chicken grill with eggs

Grilled chicken breast3 oz120
Boiled eggs2 large140
High protein bread1 slice130
Banana1 medium105
If you like more you can replace the chicken breast with turkey breast and also you can have fried eggs instead of boiled.

400-500 Cal Tortilla with grilled chicken, hummus and vegetables

Grilled chicken breast3 oz80
10-inch flour tortilla1 pieces140
Hummus1/4 cup110
Romaine lettuce1/2 cup4
Tomatoes1/2 medium9
Cucumber1/4 medium2
Greek vinaigrette dressing1 tbsp30
Apple1 medium70
This sandwich has a low-fat content and you will be able to resist until lunch without any other snacks. You can replace the apple with a banana, an orange, a pear or with about one cup of blueberries or other berries you like.

Take into consideration that adding a coffee with cream and sugar to your breakfast will increase the Calorie intake with about 50 Cal.