400 – 500 Calories breakfast meals high in protein content
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These breakfast meals can be used in muscle gain and muscle definition meal plans due to their high protein and low carb & low-fat content. If you go for a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a 400-500 Calories breakfast will best in a meal plan with over 1600 Calories per day.
Don’t forget that for muscle gain your daily meals should contain more calories than you burn. You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator.

400-500 Cal Omelet with cheese and bacon

-- Eggs2 large140
-- Cheddar cheese1 oz115
-- Red peppers1/4 cup12
-- Olive oil1/4 tbsp30
Turkey bacon2 slices70
Whole wheat bread1 slice70
This meal contains about 29 grams of protein and if choose high protein bread instead of whole wheat bread it will have about 33 grams. This is also a solution that can offer you a fullness sensation until lunch time.

400-500 Cal Avocado toast with eggs

Avocado toast with eggs
-- whole grain bread, toasted2 slices140
-- eggs2 large140
-- Avocado, mashed1/2 medium130
-- Olive oil1/4 tbsp30
Although it contains slightly less than 20 grams of protein it compensates by having many vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fat

400-500 Cal Chicken grill with eggs

Grilled chicken breast3 oz120
Boiled eggs2 large140
High protein bread1 slice130
Banana1 medium105
This breakfast option has 40 grams of protein per serving and is suitable if you have a very strictly muscle definition meal plan.

400-500 Cal Yogurt parfait

Greek yogurt, plain & non fat1/2 cup120
Nuts & seeds mix1/4 oz40
Skim milk1 tbsp1
Berries1/4 cup20
Peanut butter1 tbsp94
Oats flakes2 tbsp9
Chia seeds1/2 tbsp35
Vanilla extract1/4 teaspoon1
Banana1 small90
If you want to start your day with something sweet, full of vitamins, fiber and that will not affect your muscle meal plan, then this is a perfect solution.

400-500 Cal Milk & Cereal

All-bran cereal1 cup160
Skim milk3/4 cup65
Banana1 medium105
Almonds12 pieces135
This is not the meal with the highest protein content but it can offer you the energy you need before a workout and is ready in less than 5 minutes.

400-500 Cal Turkey sandwich

Turkey Sandwich
-- Whole-grain bread2 slices140
-- Turkey ham2 slices72
-- Cheddar cheese1 slice60
Greek yogurt, low fat1 container80
Banana1 small90
This meal contains 31 grams of protein per serving and about 50-60% of the daily need of Calcium.

400-500 Cal Tortilla with grilled chicken, hummus and vegetables

Grilled chicken breast3 oz80
10-inch flour tortilla1 pieces140
Hummus1/4 cup110
Romaine lettuce1/2 cup4
Tomatoes1/2 medium9
Cucumber1/4 medium2
Feta cheese, crumbled1/2 oz75
Greek vinaigrette dressing1 tbsp30
This delicious greek tortilla has about 30 grams of proteins and it is a good solution also for lunch. If you like more you can use turkey breast instead of chicken.

Take into consideration that adding a coffee with cream and sugar to your breakfast will increase the Calorie intake with about 50 Cal.