300 – 400 Calories dinner meals without meat
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These dinners are ideal if you don’t like meat. If you have a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a dinner with 300 – 400 Calories is used mostly in meal plans with 1400-1800 Calories per day.
It is not recommended to have a gap bigger than 500 Calories between your intake and your daily calorie consumption. You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator

300-400 Cal Vegan Burger

- Black bean veggie burger1 piece115
- Whole-wheat bun1 piece120
- Tomato3 slices10
- Romaine leaf2
- Onion rings2 pieces3
Fresh orange juice1 cup120
It is lighter compared to a regular burger but it also has a lower protein content.