250 – 300 Calories breakfast meals high in protein content
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These breakfast meals can be used in muscle gain and muscle definition meal plans due to their high protein and low carb & low-fat content. If you go for a meal plan with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day a 250-300 Calories breakfast will fit in a 1200 -1400 Cal/day meal plan.
For muscle gain your meal should contain more calories than you burn so, most probably, this type of meals, with just 250 to 300 calories, will be suitable only if you compensate in the meals of the rest of the day.
It is not recommended to have a gap bigger than 500 Calories between your intake and your daily calorie consumption. You can have a better estimation of your daily Calorie consumption using this basal metabolic rate calculator.

250-300 Cal Omelet & fruit

Plain omelet
-- Eggs2 large140
-- Olive oil1/4 tablespoon30
Banana1 medium105
You can replace the banana with a slice of whole grain bread or with some other fruits like an apple, an orange, a pear or with about one cup of blueberries or other berries you like. The menu option contains about 15 grams of proteins and a bunch of vitamins.

250-300 Cal Omelet with cheese and turkey

-- Eggs2 large140
-- Olive oil1/4 tbsp30
Low-fat cheddar cheese1/4 cup50
Turkey bacon2 slices70
Depending on your preference, you can give up at cheese to add more turkey bacon or vice versa, it will still remain a high protein meal. This menu version contains 28-29 grams of proteins, about 1 gram of protein for each 10 Calories. Another advantage of this menu is that it contains only 3 grams of carbs.

250-300 Cal Fried or boiled eggs with cheese

Boiled or fried eggs2 large140
Whole-grain bread1 slice70
Low-fat cheddar cheese1 slice50
If you go for the fried eggs try to use less than 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil for cooking. This menu contains about 23 grams of protein. You can increase the protein content by replacing the cheese with chicken or turkey ham.

250-300 Cal Protein Oatmeal

Oats1/2 cup151
Whey protein powder
1/2 scoop70
Almond milk1/2 cup30
Maple extract1 tbsp0
Blueberries1/2 cup42

This meal option has a high content of vitamin C, Iron and over 21 grams of protein. Dietary fibers from this meal will help you improve your digestion. If you have no problem with dairy products you can also replace almond milk with low-fat milk in order to add more Calcium in your diet without increasing the number of calories.

250-300 Cal Tuna sandwich & berries

Tuna Sandwich
-- Whole-grain bread2 slices140
-- Light Tuna Fish (Drained Solids In Water, Canned)2 oz66
-- Pickles1 medium12
-- Light Mayonnaise1 tbsp35
-- Iceberg lettuce2 leafs4
-- Red tomatoes1 slice5
Raspberries1/2 cup32
Although it contains mayonnaise and bread, this breakfast meal has only 1 gram of saturated fat and more than 20 grams of protein which makes it a very good idea for a muscle definition diet.

250-300 Cal Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich
-- Whole-grain bread2 slices140
-- Turkey ham2 slices72
-- Mozzarella cheese1 slice72
This sandwich has only 284 calories and more than 24 grams of protein per serving and it can be also a snack for a meal plan with 2500-3000 calories per day.

250-300 Cal Dried Fruits & Peanut butter

Multigrain bread1 slice65
Peanut butter1 tbsp95
Dried Fruit Mixture2 oz138
Although it doesn’t contain as many proteins as the other breakfast options, it is very useful if you are in rush and you want to eat something in the morning.

Take into consideration that adding a coffee with cream and sugar to your breakfast will increase the Calorie intake with about 50 Cal.